Supporting P-16 science educators in Northeast Ohio.

Board of Directors 2017-2018.

Current board members and the expiration of their current term. Interested in getting involved with the leadership of CRCST? Let us know.

Voting members
Immediate Past President
President Elect

Cassidy Berkheimer
(Walter Kidder Elementary)

Manuel Mendoza
(Cleveland School of Science & Medicine)

Rebecca Thompson  2018
(Holden Arboretum)

Barb Kooser
(Notre Dame College)  2018
Susan Clay
(retired, Ashland U)  (NEOSEF) 2018
CMSD Representatives(5)
Regional Public School Reps. (4)
Private School Representatives (2)

Gavin Custer (CTSC)       2019
James Cregar      2019
Ashley Chorba     2018         
Bernadette Manzo            2018
WilMarie Betancourt        2018

Sharita Hill         2018               
Bill Scanlon           2018
Mark Waner (membership, website)           2019


Jeff Teeter     2019
Liz Spector (SECO)            2018

Parochial School Representatives (2)
College/University Representatives (2)
Informal Education Representatives (2)
Maureen Goodwin          2018
Carolyn Triplett       2018

John Fellenstein               2018
Matt Sorick               2018

Darci Sanders                2018
(Lake Erie Sci & Nature Ctr)              
Hannah Morris  2019
(Holden Arboretum, Newsletter)


Non-voting Advisory Board
Standing Comm. Chairs
Kelly Van Booven (Metroparks Zoo)
Bill Badders (GEMS, NSTA)      
Mary K Evans (Retired)(Archives)
Becca Varadan (CMNH)
Tess Wearsch (retired)
Maureen Wahl (NDCL)
Heather Lee (CMNH)
Ray Patacca (GCA)

Click here for the 2009 updated CRCST Constitution

Updated: May 9, 2018
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